Friday, September 25, 2009

A Friday morning stroll

Who would believe that the sun is shining  bright and warm, we are still wearing our short, tee's and flip-flops and it is almost October! Well I took advantage of this gorgeous fall morning and went for a stroll around Mill Lake. Camera in hand with no real expectations, off I went!

When I pulled into the small parking lot, the familiar Canada Geese and Mallard ducks were there to greet me along with someone new, a beautiful white goose. He sat for awhile as I watched and slowly approached him not wanting to startle him but only to admire his beauty. When he seemed to have had anough of my ogling, he gently got up and wandered into the water for a quiet swim around the lake.

I watched for some time as the geese swam gracefully through the water almost as if they were performing for a panel of judges in a beauty pagent. I could have sat all day peacefully and relaxed and never tire of these magnificent birds.

I continued along the trail when a honking that I remembered from my last outing with Kim, haulted me in my tracks...hmm...American Coots, here, in Mill!

I also had to click a few shots of a gull sleeping out on a log with the ducks...he just looked so comfy and relaxed.

As I walked and watched, something off in the distance caught my eye. There on a rock out in the center of the lake was a figure I did not them...ok.....zoom in on it take some pictures and have a look see at home. With many thanks to my awesome twitter friends, it has been identified as a Double Creasted Cormorant...another first for me! Exciting!

My morning stroll was a great success. I may not have had any rare sightings, but I took time to stop and enjoy the beauty around me because, you just never know what you might find!


  1. Hi Robbie, Have been enjoying your blog. I love the goose--so dignified! We have cormorants here, too and I love to see them lined up drying their wings. :)

  2. Enjoyed this post especially after seeing the first picture on your twit pics this morning. The double crested cormorant... what nice surprise :) I bumped into one two days ago also at the lagoon near my house, it was in a tree near dusk and a joy to watch.

  3. you have become quite the bird expert, my dear friend!!!

  4. oh what a fun stroll!
    Thanks for taking me along!