Thursday, September 3, 2009

Willband Creek

Today was the day I decided to check out Willband Creek located just off Hwy 11 between Mission and Abbotsford. There are two large retention ponds there which allow for birds and water fowl a to rest along their journeys.

As my husband put the truck into park, a hawk ( a red tail I believe) dove after something in the tall grasses in front of us. I felt an adrenaline rush quickly take over with the anticipation of more to come. I was soon to be disappointed.  The hawk did not reappear and there was barely a bird to be found.
As we took the trail around the ponds we found the usual ducks and Canada Geese enjoying the gentle rays of sun peeking through the clouds.
We enjoyed our stroll along the trail that weaves around the ponds and we stopped to enjoy the view around us.
We walked for about an hour and decided to head back to the truck. Feeling a little robbed after hopes of spotting a bald eagle, I spied something in the grass.
This Great Blue Heron was hiding in the tall grass just minding his own business. As I was busy snapping shots of this guy, my husband pointed out another to me.
We may not have found a the stash of exotic birds we had hoped to find, but we discovered a pleasant trail to walk and enjoy together.


  1. you are a natural blogger!!!..great job once again..makes me want to find this little spot!!