Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Mill Lake Monday

I have been making a habit of taking a nice stroll around Mill Lake now for the past few Mondays and this Monday was no exception. It was a dull, grey day and a bit on the chilly side as I could see my breath in the air, but wooly socks and a suggly warm sweater were just the right attire. The falls colours are quickly developing through out  the trees and I had to get out and enjoy before the rain comes back!

I had a couple of little posers who wanted to be in the spot light.

He posed.....

.....then she posed.

Lazy, sleepy ducks are always neat to look at since they seem to sleep where ever they fall, like any old dock.

But back to the beautiful colours of fall and the rest of my walk.

The local forecast now calls for rain, rain and more rain which is nothing unusal for this time of year. I just wish it would hold off just a little bit longer!!


  1. Beautiful fall colors and photos..
    I adore the duck photos...the reflections in the water ....

  2. I enjoy your rambles..especially liked the sleepy ducks this time..keep on ramblin' :)