Friday, January 29, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Another gray day in the Fraser Valley but it was a dry one, so I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and headed off to Mill Lake. I had not visited the park since late fall so this visit was long over due.
I was greeted by all the 'usual' suspects,but it wasn't long before I discovered a few surprises, including a couple of 'life' birds for myself!

Common Merganser (female) {Life bird #1}

Common Merganser (male) {Life bird #2}

Along with the Canada Geese, mallards, American Coots  and the many gulls, it was nice to see a few Buffleheads both male and female as well as both male and female Lesser Scaups cruising around the water.

A pair of lovely Canada Geese

Bufflehead (female)

Bufflehead (male) busy preening

Lesser Scaup (male)

This lovely female had a trail of boys following her

As I continued along the path, there was a bit of a ruckous in the brush so I had to do a little investigating and this is what I found...

...a nervous jay watching the ground intensely...but what did he see.....

....a masked bandit!

I also noticed a very impressive looking bird flying overhead so I snapped some photos to zoom in once I got home and discovered what had been flying so regally in the sky.....

American Bald Eagle

I chuckled as I watch with amusement, a squirrel busily bury his treasure on the edge of the path I follow towards the parking lot.

My walk in the park was nearing the end when I stopped for this beautiful Canada Goose to wave goodbye

I can't wait to go back so find what new surprises will be waiting for me!!


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  1. Wonderful photos, congratulations on the life birds