Friday, February 5, 2010

Lucky Penny Pt.2 Blackie Spit

Blackie Spit is just around the corner from the Serpentine Fen so no sooner buckled oursleves in, and we were there. My first priority when visiting Blackie Spit, is to stay clear of any mud! For those who have been following Kim and I, you know how well I do at getting stuck in the mud flats. I sink quickly and abruptly especially when I decide to fall on my butt!! I lost a new pair of socks on my first visit! haha

As we entered the park, we pulled over to get some shots of the many juvenile bald eagles scattered through the tree-tops.

After parking the car and getting our gear together, a must is snapping of few shots of the resident gulls. I actually quite enoy watching the variety of gulls as they are quite unique with very individual personalities.

Staying clear of the mud and staying within the trail, we could not help but hear all the glorious tunes coming from the brush and bare trees.  The choir we heard consisted of several Cedar Waxwings, Song Sparrows, American Robins and an adorable litte Downy Woodpecker that appeared to be totally oblivious to his audience.

Rounding the trail, we could see many Double Crested Cormorants sitting atop the piers. Some drying their wings from their recent diving expiditions and some just relaxing. A great Blue Heron had joined them and I must say he looked slightly out of place.

As we headed along the shoreline, we spied a lone little cutie just happily swimming around in the small bay. This would turn out to be my first life bird of the day, a Horned Grebe.

Further along the shoreline, I could see an American Bald Eagle sitting on one of the many hazard signs dotting in the water. Although he was quite a distance out, I snapped several pictures to capture the lovely scenic sites that I enjoy so much even on a drizzley, foggy day.

There were many Buffleheads, both male and female, out enjoying themselves but it was one loon (Common Loon) in particular we stood and watched for sometime. He would dive for his breakfast and leave us guessing where he would pop up.

As Kim and I wagered our bets as to where the loon would resurface, an older gentleman with some serious camera equipment approached us and asked had when been to the White Rock Pier. He went on to tell us that White-winged Scoters have been sighted there and that they come right up to the pier. It was time to questioned asked, our next stop, the White Rock Pier!!!!

Stay tuned to see what we saw! ;-)


  1. The lucky penny ride continues. Love it!! Great photos and an excellent write-up. Always love reading about you and Kim out and about.

  2. What a wonderful day. The pictures made for good birdwatching for those of us not fortunate enough to have these types of birds nearby.

  3. Very cool! I'm sure you won't be spending that lucky penny! Congrats on all the great birds!! That Eagle on the post is AWESOME!!