Friday, March 19, 2010

The Birdhouse

My love of birds begins in my very own backyard. Living in a very wooded area, we get a real variety of birds coming to visit our feeders. This past fall, we had to have a very old Maple tree removed from our backyard as it was dying from the inside out and had become a danger to not only our home but our neighbour's.  I was worried where I was going to put my feeders and my husband told me not to worry that he would construct a feeding station for me to watch all my feathered friends enjoy.

Over the winter we dicussed plans and how and where this bird station should be placed in the yard. We also decided that the birds should have a safe place to nest so we sought out plans for birdhouses. Knowing my husband, when he builds something, he builds to the extreme, so I knew I was not going to end up with any ordinary house.

Well, today was the day to put our ideas and plans into the yard. Birdhouse has been built, post planted firmly into the ground and brackets for feeders to be hung from waited with their screw all ready to go.

Here the wood had been cut and set in place to see how it's going to look.

There are two floors on this birdie condo. Each floor has eight nesting cubbies with the center being for ventilation. The hole at the peak has been screened off as it is for the airflow.

This is the bottom floor of two.

This is the second floor and as you can see the center cubby is open for the much needed ventilation. Everybirdie needs fresh air!

The bottom of the roof with another vent hole.

We need a post to erect the house on and this is the fine piece of lumber we have chosen. Just a little post!

And the post has been planted..into two feet of cement. This house isn't going anywhere!!!

Wow, isn't she pretty. Ready to go out to be lived in!!!

First section is up and being leveled and ready to attach.

There's the second section.

Like a cherry on a sundae, the finishing touch is attached.

I like it a lot!!

Some brackets added for feeders....

...and The Backyard Inn is ready for business.
Every Birdie Welcome!!!


  1. I love it too! Wonder who your first visitor will be?

  2. Very Very Cool!!! Hope you get LOTS of visitors!!

  3. Those are some lucky birds who get to live in there. I love the color you painted it too. Very stylish.
    Renee @kudoskookies

  4. Thank you all so very much...the feeders were busy all day but no nesting yet.

  5. your birdominium is beautiful!!!..hope it is full of new residents soon!!