Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Canadian Rockies

Not having posted much of a blog lately other then a weekly Wings on Wednesday, I thought I had better write something so you all know I’m still around.

My husband and I just got back from an eight day visit with his youngest brother and family in St. Albert, Alberta. This meant another trip through the Rocky Mountains, a site I marvel at no matter how many times I have seen them.

I thought I would share a few of the photos I took of these giant beauties, beauties that had a fresh frosting of  new snow all over them on our trip back.

The photos are not the best nor the crispest, as they were all taken through the bug splattered windshield of our truck. There is never any stopping for photo-ops when my husband is behind the wheel, unless you have a dire situation. He’s always just passed all the slow-pokes and he doesn’t want to have to pass them again, so I focus the lens and hope for the best.

I hope you enjoy.







  1. nice work..I see no bug splatter!! for not stopping at a perfect picture taking opportunity??..what the heck!!!!!!!!!!???

  2. Thank you both and no, no stopping when on the road, takes up too much time!

  3. Wow! I would not even know these were taken behind a windshield. Gorgeous scenic photos!

  4. As we say here in Maine, "Wicked go'gus!"

  5. Ahhh, I needed a little peaceful scenery to help wind things down after a very busy week/month/6 months. THANKS!

  6. Very nice, but re-train hubby to budget time for photo-ops or do the driving yourself ;-) I speak from the same experience..