Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Birdieful Day!

My last post was all about the shorebirds we saw on our best outing ever but we saw so much more. Here are just a few of the highlights of our day. Enjoy.

An American Crow surveys the shorelineIMG_9788

A Cooper’s Hawk sits upon the treetops with his eye focused on his prey.IMG_9792

A couple of Great Blue Herons preen themselves in the morning fog…IMG_9819

…as one watches the fish jump.IMG_9830

Canada Geese grace the water as the others go about their business.IMG_9849

A Northern Flicker perched himself on an old dead tree…IMG_9918

as mallards rested on the roof of one of the covered observation deck.IMG_9933

The moon in the afternoon shone over us…IMG_9950

…and my favorite little friend came to say “Hello”.IMG_9945

A Spotted Towhee belted out his song.IMG_9961

Mr and Mrs Mallard soaking up the sun.IMG_9974

A Great Blue Heron stood regally in the bright light.IMG_9995

A lovely Northern Pintail.IMG_0002

Cooper’s Hawk looking for lunch.IMG_0199

A large family of Sandhill Cranes..IMG_0036 IMG_0044

..and of course mommy and daddy Sandhill Crane and chick who’s not such a baby any longer.IMG_0089 IMG_0086

Sandhill Cranes in flight.IMG_0076

A scenic view. IMG_0116

A little lady Wood Duck helps herself to some seed..IMG_0217

..while Red-winged Blackbirds fight over it.IMG_0227

Last but certainly not least, one of my favorites, American Coot.IMG_0272

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