Friday, October 15, 2010

Fair-weathered Friday

Hard to believe we are half way through October when you are able to stroll around the lake in a short sleeve t-shirt. After spending most of the weekend snuggled under the covers sick with a cold, walk around the lake with a short sleeved t-shirt is exactly what I did.

Bright and sunny and a balmy 19c, I grabbed my camera and spent some nice leisurely time with the birds, oh and some really wonderful scenery. Here’s what I saw….

A beautiful fall dayIMG_0705

A handsome Mallard drakeIMG_0592

Pie-billed Grebe (life bird)IMG_0594

Lesser Scaup (female) diving for lunchIMG_0622 IMG_0620

American Coot with lunchIMG_0663

A coot wondering who his friend isIMG_0666

A graceful American Widgeon (female)IMG_0669

Ruddy DuckIMG_0653

A gaggle of geeseIMG_0717

Playful mallardIMG_0744

More viewsIMG_0743

And a whole bunch of sleepy birdsIMG_0617 IMG_0755 IMG_0644 IMG_0721


  1. Nice new bird shots. I love the Mallard drake and the Canadas. I'm not supposed to admit to liking Canadas as a birder, I guess. They are so graceful to me though, which you captured here. I've never seen a pie-billed Grebe, so you've beat me there! Nice going.

  2. Beautiful series! Your photos evoke a feeling of serenity. Love the American Coot shots! Gorgeous scenic views. Nice work and a pleasure to view.

  3. Soooo many beautiful captures ... especially enjoyed the coot reflection.

  4. Awesome..lots of beautiful photos.