Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy Macro

One thing I am very interested in doing, is macro photography, so, last summer I gave it a try. Since I am still learning my camera and a macro lens does not fit into my budget at the moment, I used the macro setting on my camera with my 55mm lens.

Although what I captured is more like close-ups then macro, I’d like to share them with you all anyway. I also thought it might help us who are living in colder climates, feel a little warmer. 

All photos were taken in my back yard. I hope you enjoy.

28352_129750177044763_100000293456015_274900_7007419_n Purple Alyssum

34473_139137106106070_100000293456015_324189_259329_n Shasta Daisy

34473_139137109439403_100000293456015_324190_6451500_n Hydrangea


28352_129750163711431_100000293456015_274899_1521313_n Hosta Flower Bud

40471_149129665106814_100000293456015_378912_4881265_n Bee on Bull Thistle

39650_142565712429876_100000293456015_341870_4754795_n Globe Thistle

36033_131782930174821_100000293456015_286446_5170573_n Begonia

37227_131983873488060_100000293456015_287266_668980_n Siberian Iris

37227_131983850154729_100000293456015_287263_7616741_nOriental Poppy 

37227_131983853488062_100000293456015_287264_5610440_n Spiderwort

37521_142895942396853_100000293456015_343074_7485425_n Bull Thistle

38325_142624472424000_100000293456015_342060_8313282_nBee on Clover

28352_129750150378099_100000293456015_274898_1418894_n Heliotrope

37227_131983863488061_100000293456015_287265_8152735_n Daisy


  1. I want a macro lens too. I often will use my 14-45mm lens and put it on the macro setting and come away with some nice close-ups of plants and small critters. Photography still seems like a foreign language to me, but I understand about a quarter of it.

  2. Robbie, lovely shots. Oh, I looking forward to flowers! Macros of bugs and flowers is a favorite summer sport!
    You must have a wonderful garden to have all those pretty flowers.
    Have you considered getting some extension tubes to go with your 55 mm. That will get you in quite close and you may be satisfied enough not to want a macro lens.
    I got mine last fall from B&H Photo, on line. They are in New York.
    I have the Kenko ones. Here's a link there:
    It's quite a bit cheaper than a Macro lens. But combined with a macro lens you can get almost microscopic!

  3. Thanks Robin for that info. I am going to check that out. I have been looking at extenders for my telephoto lens until I can afford a bigger one or upgrade.

  4. nice work on the photos today!!..glad to see you changed your mind about your blog!!..miss ya!!

  5. I really liked the globe thistle and the bee on clover! I don't have a macro lens either...

  6. So very lovely ... each and every one of them. Thank you for sharing the colorful, warm, wonderful images!

  7. Hi Robbie! Excellent macro shots! Like them al but my faves: Globe Thistle, Bee on Bull Thistle & Daisy. Some of them remind of beautiful fireworks. Keep up the macro!