Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday’s Junc

When I went out to fill the feeders and suet cages, my yard hummed with the activity of Dark-eyed Juncos. 

They were every where………

On the fence…._MG_2948

….in the gravel_MG_2956

On the look out…_MG_2954

 …and in the planters_MG_2964

On the deck…._MG_2970 

…in the grass_MG_2982

….and the garden_MG_2978 

And this last little fella who appeared to favour his right foot…_MG_3004


  1. Juncos are one of my favorite birds. The ones I banded in upstate New York didn't have quite so much brown on them as your birds. They always seemed so delicate...

  2. poor little gaffer with the sore foot :(

  3. Robbie, lots of them in our yard too!
    Nice shots! Nice to see something growing in your yard!

  4. Wonderful junco images! We have had many junco visitors at our feeders, as well. Always a joy to see. They are sweet, beautiful birds.