Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just What I Needed……

…….a morning walk, and where better to take one, the local Nature Sanctuary .


I have been trying to get here and explore since we moved but have yet to get a chance, until now.  I am impressed. There were the familiar sounds of Black-capped Chickadees off in the distance while some dined at the fresh suet.


There were plenty of nesting boxes scattered throughout the area, even a large Purple Martin house.




The trails through the sanctuary are about 80% boardwalks which makes it nice for walking and also lifts you off the ground by a few inches and away from disturbing any ground nests.

There are also three viewing platforms, two which look over the large pond and one that allows you to see across the opens fields.

_MG_5882 _MG_5896

_MG_5884  _MG_5886 _MG_5906 _MG_5923 

Of course, no bird feeder is complete without a squirrel.

_MG_5925 _MG_5931

It was a bit chilly for many critters and other then the songs of the chickadees, it was very quiet. There is snow in the forecast for next week so I’m thinking I won’t get back here until spring.

I’m excited for my next visit as birds will be starting to migrate through and the nesting boxes will humming with activity. It’s about a fifteen minute drive from my home and I know I’ll be there often…….so until then, I will waiting for the snow to fly to blog of a crisp white winter wonderland!



  1. That looks like a great place to take a walk. Maybe you could take up snowshoeing. :)

  2. Robbie, looks like a great place! Sure beats the drive from Mission to Reifel!

  3. Hi Robbie. What a find! Pretty neat that you've got such a great place so near. Looking forward to seeing more photos in the future. Looks like it might be a birdy kind of place.

  4. nice to find a great birding place so close to your new house!!..I am sure you will find many hours of birding at this sanctuary next spring!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful spot to have so close to home Robbie.


  6. Looks like a peaceful, lovely place to visit and oh so close. Looking forward to your spring blog post from this beautiful location.

  7. Beautiful place, love all the views you shared in this post. Great spot to return for spring migration birdwatching!