Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello, is there anybody out there…………


…..I had begun to wonder if I was out there with a wee health issue that kept me slowed down. Well I went out there Thursday in the beautiful sunny warm air to go where no woman has gone, well at least when there was three feet of snow on the ground.

Spring has sprung, the grass ain’t rizzed so I wondered where the birdies izz. Our yard has been active with House Sparrows exploring new places to nest and clearing my feeders of seed, but I needed more.

We took the fifteen minute drive to Big Lake to see what activity was happening there. Canada Geese and plenty of them!

I watched this noisy pair fly in for a slippery landing





Wandering down the path a bit further, I found a couple of Pigeons soaking up the rays.


A few more geese….



……a coyote romping playfully through a grassy patch….


…..and then out on the ice.


I stopped to capture a few scenic shots




Spotted some Pussy Willows starting to pop open



And then watched a gull as he carefully prepared for take off




There wasn’t a great deal of activity yet as the spring thaw has just begun, but I’m sure it will only be a few short weeks before those melted ponds are alive  with ducks and swans and everything else. I can’t wait!!!


  1. see..there is birds in the great province of Alberta, too..just have to wait for the 'snowbirds' to return!!!

  2. I can't remember the last time I saw pussy willows in person. How cool is that?

  3. Robbie, wonderful post! Love your goose landing sequence! Glad things are breaking up back there. We had an awful March. Over 250mm of rain at our place. So far, April's not getting much better. Come on Spring, we're waiting!