Sunday, April 29, 2012

We’ve been busy….


The weather has not been overly co-operative for outdoor excursions so Bob and I have kept ourselves busy inside.

Here’s a peek at what we have been up to…Bob constructs and I finish.


A birdie triplex


A birdie duplex


A nice big tray feeder


And something decorative for inside my house

It’s been fun and the construction is till on going as we now have friends and family wanting some of their own.  Thinking maybe it’s time to open a shop?

One exciting thing, for me anyway, that happened yesterday, was a huge flock of Great Blue Herons circling the sky above our house yesterday.


This was only a handful of them but it was so cool to see the vast number and listen to the ‘conversation’ going between them all.

Happy Sunday everyone!!


  1. Robbie, wonderful bird construction!
    Seeing all those herons must have been exciting. Don't think I've ever seen that many before. Amazing!

  2. I've never seen herons in a flock like that... how exciting! As for the bird houses and feeders... I'd bet that you wouldn't have a bit of trouble selling them anywhere... they are beautiful!

  3. great job on the bird houses!..nice to see you and Bob working together to create some fabulous products!..