Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to Reifel


I have really been missing  time with my friend Kim and the time would would spend at Reifel so when I flew back to B.C. for a visit, I made sure a date was set to get together and go.

The weather was perfect and the birds were waiting. Here’s just a few of our feathered friends we had the pleasure to observe.


A handsome Sandhill Crane


Momma Sandhill keeping her eggs warm


A sweet little Tree Swallow


A pair of Canada Geese


Rufous Hummingbird


Momma mallard and two of her ducklings


A very vocal Marsh Wren


A pair of goslings


Great Blue Heron


Brown-headed Cowbird


A couple of Barn Swallows


And no trip to Reifel is complete with out saying hello to a handsome Wood Duck



  1. So glad you and Kim had a great time and fun!

  2. Happy that the two of you got together! Great bird photos!

  3. a great day of Birding, Robbie!..you haven't lost your touch!

  4. A lovely birding day with a wonderful friend! Happy that the two of you were able to spend time together. :-)

  5. Robbie, wonderful shots! Reifel is such a wonderful place. I was there on a school field trip around the time you were there. I hadn't been for a couple of months, shame shame! I got some good shots too! Hard to get much when chaperoning 20 8 year olds, but did get a few!

    1. I miss Reifel living in Alberta and even though it was very quiet (bird wise) the day Kim and I were there, we still saw many wonderful sights.

  6. These are FANTASTIC! That hummer WOWS me!!

  7. Lots of lovely photos here--love the sandhill crane. We have lots of them here, where I live now--I had never seen them before moving here. I'm still in awe of them--and the babies are so aorable when they hatch.