Tuesday, June 5, 2012

He ain’t Sorry, he’s a Sora!

The ever elusive Sora, often heard but not often seen. That changed for me Sunday evening when myself, hubby, brother-in-law and his wife, met up at my new favourite birding spot here in Alberta…..Big Lake.

There have been, six noted couples here this spring and we were thrilled to observe three individual ones. Thank goodness for the continuous shooting setting on my camera cuz I wasn’t going to miss a shot of this wonderful little bird.

Here’s just a few of the hundreds I took. Hope you enjoy!










  1. Robbie, great capture! Pretty little thing! Still on my wish list!

    1. Thanks Robin. I had only seen a quick glance of one out at Reifel and it was actually quite accidental that I did. I was zooming in on a mallard when a sora scurried past.

  2. How adorable Robbie..lucky you..I have never seen one! Its also nice to see you..great profile pic!

  3. ooooh! I haven't seen one of these yet, never mind get photos! Stellar! I'm envious my dear.

  4. how great that you are getting out to do what you 'love'!..and that Bob and Ken and Kathy share the interest too!!!