Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home ‘Improve’ment

No, I’m not Tim “The Toolman” Taylor but I have been helping my husband with renovation our kitchen. Unfortunately I haven’t been as much help as I would have liked to but I’ve been dealing with a health issue which has meant an ultrasound, MRI and now an impending surgery…how fun. I am however, still working on my one little word, just as much as I had planned.

Anywho…..our kitchen is coming along very nicely even working with a very tight and frugal budget. Thank goodness both hubby and I are pretty handy and we can do everything ourselves. So far we had rebuilt a wall, moved some cupboards around, resituated the fridge, laid new flooring, countertop, backsplash (which I’m still trying to like), replaced baseboards and painted the walls. The last couple of days, under cabinet lighting has been installed with my help and pretty much all that is left is to paint the cupboards.


Rebuilding of a wall


New floor and baseboard


New counter and backsplash


Yellow is the new wall colour. The moulding is also new so we could separate colours on the vaulted ceiling which connects to our living room.

I will be sharing the finished product with before and after photos and hopefully once I am back on my feet feeling better, I will have more exciting photos to share….this crazy bird lady is suffering some major cabin fever!


  1. WooooHoooo... looks great! Esecially love that floor! Sorry you've got health problems... hope you get it taken care of soon.

  2. looks great Robbie! and Bob are a good team!!

  3. Hi Robbie! Your home is looking great..good job! I wish you luck w/ your procedure & send hugs <3