Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mill Lake

Having lived in Mission since March of 1987, I decided recently that I needed to take a closer look at the beauty that surrounds us and not just take it all for granted. Today I chose to discover Mill Lake situated in the center of Abbotsford which  is right across the river from Mission in beautiful British Columbia.

It was a beautiful warm sunny Sunday so I told my husband to put on his walking shoes as we were going on an adventure! The first of the three parking lots was full so we made our way to the next where were able to park right close to the pathway that follows the shore of the lake.

The large population of Canada geese and ducks were there to greet us as we began our walk and continued to welcome with every step we took .Some paying us no mind as they poked and preened themselves and others quick to show off.

There is something for everyone at this lovely little park. For the canoeists, a spot to put their boats in the water, a dock for fishing, a floating boardwalk to view the lovely sites from  along with several lovely picnic areas, a play ground and a water park for the kids. 

I may not have spotted a mystery bird or any other wildlife, but I had a most enjoyable stroll on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I plan to revisit the park in a couple of days and sit on one of the many benches offered along the pathways, to sit and watch the geese preen and the ducks play and who knows what else might just come along!?

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  1. Wonderful post! I have had GREAT adventures exploring our parks and trails in our little community.

  2. great job once again..never a disappointment..looks very pretty there!!