Monday, November 2, 2009

The Malecon

The Malecon (boardwalk or sea wall) in downtown Puerto Vallarta is a must to see and experience. From the many sculptures to the variety of shops and vendors, there is something for everyone. We spent a day there and then on our last night we went downtown to Pipi's for dinner with friends that had arrived that afternoon and walked the malecon that evening. I have to go back, I have more pesos to spend!!!

Then there were sculptures.....

Even a couple of sand scuptures.....

Entertainment was also around. These men, the Papantla Flyers,  climb this pole which is about 60ft high then slowly wind their way down suspended upside down while one stays at the top playing different instruments.

The narrow cobblestone streets are not only hard to walk on but driving is an entirely different issue. I am sure there are no taxis in the city that have decent shocks or tires.

This was a little nook with many small shops

Familiar places to eat...............

Right smack in the middle of downtown is the beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

I found these to be the most interesting little lights to be found on a church!

I have to say that the Malecon was one of the highlights of this trip and I can hardly wait to go back and spend more time and more pesos. It is a true Mexican exprience!


  1. I so want to see this next time too!!!..great photography!!

  2. Yes you must..we also went back on our last night. Had dinner at Pipi's then walked down to the malecon after. I can;'t wait to go back!!

  3. Great sights! beautiful light is very cool ..statues etc...must have been so nice to be there ..romantic