Friday, December 31, 2010

The Coldest Day of the Year

Ok, maybe it wasn’t the coldest day, but it was chilly!

Thanks to an achilles tendon injury, I have not been able to join Kim for a visit to Reifel in a good couple of months.  The sanctuary has been quite active lately with Saw-whet, Great Horned and Barred owls along with a Northern Hawk Owl that has made a residential yard, his home. I wasn’t about to miss out so I got up early, bum foot and all,met Kim at her place and together we headed off to find owls!

_MG_1915Northern Hawk Owl

_MG_2072 Saw-whet

There were no disappointments with either the Hawk Owl or the Saw-whet, we kept our eyes open for others and found these beauties sitting proudly above the treetops.

_MG_2036Juvenile American Bald Eagles

_MG_2015American Bald Eagle

A bit further down the path, Kim spotted this rather regal fella perched upon a bare branch. He was more then co-operative when it came to photo-ops. 

_MG_2164_MG_2174_MG_2172Juvenile American Bald Eagle 

Most of the ponds that are dotted through out the sanctuary had a thin covering of ice due the the below zero temperature. Some ducks were feeding on seed that had been thrown onto the ice well others treated us to a sneak peek of “Duckcapades”.

_MG_2223 _MG_2363 _MG_2364_MG_2358 

And of course, no trip to Reifel would be complete without saying hello to all the wonderful little regulars.

_MG_2048Yellow-crowned Sparrow 

_MG_2226 Song Sparrow

_MG_2044 Black-capped Chickadee

_MG_2368 Sandhill Cranes

_MG_2038Spotted Towhee

_MG_2084 Fox Sparrow

We may have only seen the two owls, both lifers for me and I may be limping a little bit more today but our visit to the sanctuary was more than worth it.  Any day spent with the birds and my dear friend Kim is worth it!!

This year is coming to a close and for me it’s been very birdieful! Here’s to 2011, may it be  as plentiful as 2010!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. really wonderful group of birds seen and awesome photos!
    Happy New Year to you and your family:)


  2. Slip sliding away... (Simon and Garfunkle)

    You already know I'm jealous about the hawk owl, but I sure would like to see a yellow-crowned sparrow too! :)

  3. happy new year my dear friend!! ya!!..great post as usual! the owl!!
    wishing you and yours joy, happiness, and good health in 2011!!..hugs to you!!