Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just Because

I am not a writer, nor a photographer or an expert ornithologist. I am  a person who likes to share her photos of the creatures she loves, birds.

I will travel miles for rare sightings and I will stay local for residents. I’ve  had some of my best birding days in my own backyard.

My images may not all be crisp and clear, close up and focused but I snap to capture to record my sightings.  I use this blog to share what I see and my stories for description.

January 01, 2011 just a few simple sightings.








  1. not all pictures need to be perfect that is for is all about doing what we love to do!!..none of us claim to be great writers or wonderful photographers...most times it is just luck..and being in the right place at the right time!...

  2. Lovely post. Your photos are great and you find some wonderful birds - enjoy following your blog a lot :)


  3. I like those chickadees! It kind of looks like you're viewing a chickadee looking in a mirror. :) Keep clicking that camera and posting...

  4. Your images are lovely! How neat to see an Eagle!! And those chickadees are super! I very rarely see Flickers and Never seen swans! Always a joy to see what other birds are visiting friends :)

  5. Thank you everyone for the encouraging words, they are so very much appreciated. Judy, the chickadee and dlicker shot were taken through my kitchen window so it's almost like a mirror! ;-)

  6. Robbie, I love your captures! I pretty much do the same thing :-) I love seeing birds in other parts of the country and your country.

  7. You say you are not a writer nor a photographer. I beg to differ. I say you are both and more importantly, you are a lover. A lover of beautiful creatures. I am so glad you share that love!

  8. Robbie, I always enjoy visiting your wonderful blog! Your photos are a delight to view and your words, a joy to read. Your blog and other birding/nature blogs inspire me so! I very much appreciate your love of nature. Thank you for sharing nature's splendor with us all.